Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The great risk created a preatory opportunity for wallstreet

bring the value to the front end

cut out a layer of fees and add a layer of alpha on the front end to deliver more value to the client

they call that a double whammy.

god knows there's plenty of fat in the system

created a modular format that fosters competetion on your behalf.

what you are witnessing now is the transformation of the banking system

the role of the advisory firm
the role of the quality advisor
the role of fund managers
the role of the overlay manager
the role of the custodian
the role of technology providers
the role of the planner
to work together to provide value to the front end.
the old system is simply uncompetetive in the new world

it evolves by competing to add value two can of coke to the consumer must think it through from that perspective